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Snow Village & SnowBabies

(What an ORIGINAL Little World!)

The Snow Village and SnowBabies are the smallest of my collections. I started the Snow Village because my husband loves motorcycles and he wanted the Harley-Davidson Shop. So then I had to buy a couple more pieces to go along with the shop.

I bought the treehouse as a reminder of a treehouse that was in the back of my parents house and my brothers and sisters and my children played in. This scene shows the kids playing and being happy.

Well I thought I was done with the Snow Village but then I realized the people had no home, so I bought 2 houses. And of course there has to be cars outside the houses.

My SnowBabies collection are pieces that I pick up just because I think that they are cute. I usually only get 1 or 2 new ones each year. In these displays I also throw in some non-Snowbabies items that just happen to go along with the display and help add some color.

Here is the 3rd scene of my SnowBabies. It contains a lot of my favorite pieces. "Somewhere in Dreamland" is one of these and can be seen in the picture below.